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Prime Car rental - a simple and convenient car hire in Riga

Car rental is a highly demanded and versatile service among both tourists and residents in Riga. In addition, even those who already have their own car often become car renters. Prime Auto car hire is simple and convenient, but what makes this service so special?

4 main reasons why Prime Car rental can be useful for you:

You can easily choose any car according to the purpose of the trip. For example, if you need a car, just to move around the city in Riga, a compact middle-class car will be suitable. If you are planning a business meeting or any other important business event elsewhere in Latvia, you can choose and rent a more representative looking business class car from the Prime Auto car catalog. Car rental provides an opportunity to book a car of any make and model, moreover, with the necessary additional equipment - by making a reservation online.

Car rental opens up more mobility opportunities. In case your personal car goes out of order, you can rent a car and you will not have to give up your plans. As long as your personal vehicle is in service, you will be able to enjoy all the advantages of Prime Auto rental cars - you will not need to follow the technical maintenance of the rental car, as well as you will not have to spend extra money on car repairs, just sit and drive! Prime Car rental will definitely be cheaper than, for example, use a taxi, and more convenient than traveling by public transport or on foot. Simple and convenient reservation.

Car hire provides an opportunity to test and compare different cars. Are you planning to buy a new or little used car, but you are in doubt, have you really chosen the right one? Or maybe you can't decide which car model you want? This is understandable because buying a car is not that simple and requires a large investment. Therefore, one way to assess all the pros and cons of a potential personal vehicle is to rent a car. Who knows, maybe right with us, Prime Auto, you will find your ideal car!

Car rental - it's so easy and convenient! Wherever you are, you can remotely choose and profitably rent a little-used car that meets your requirements, which you will receive exactly on the day and time of your choice, and at the most convenient place for you. Currently, Prime Auto rental provides car hire services in and around Riga. We deliver the selected rental car to the customer at a convenient time and place - in Riga and around Riga, as well as to the airport Riga RIX, which after a long and tiring flight is a very comfortable way to get home quickly, to the hotel or anywhere else where necessary. Favorable autonomous offers and good conditions - guaranteed.

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