Long term car rental

Long-term car rental

Long-term car rental is a great way to optimize vehicle-related expenses. Both individuals and companies may find situations where they need a car or additional cars, but it is not profitable to buy or lease them.

Long-term car rental for individuals 

Long-term car rental is flexible, convenient and cost-effective. Our customers choose long-term car rental, as it is an opportunity to use a new car for several months without any usual car owner’s costs. You can sign a contract starting from 3 months and not worry about car price reduction, maintenance costs or repairs. 

Long-term car rental is an opportunity to test or try the car you may want to buy. It’s a way to make sure you choose a car and understand if it meets all your requirements, whatever they may be - a family car, economical or sporty enough, its handling, automatic or manual transmission, etc.

Long-term car rental for companies - Full service rental

Full service rental is similar to leasing, only it has incomparably easier conditions. First of all, a much shorter term - starting from 3 months instead of 5 years. Second, there is no need to worry about maintenance, resale value, and similar contract terms that are typically included in an operating lease. The entrepreneur does not have to worry about car insurance, maintenance and repairs, as "Prime Auto" provides it. 

Why choose a long-term car rental?

New employees 

Long-term car rental is a beneficial opportunity for companies to provide a new employee with road transport for work needs without making large long-term commitments. Company managers like long-term car rental, because in this way it is possible to provide a car for the employee during the inspection. The two parties can then decide whether the employment relationship will continue.

Contract work, business trips

Countless companies make a profit from contract work, and sometimes additional cars are required to carry out this work. Long-term car rental allows companies to acquire cars for a period equivalent to the duration of a business trip or work. Prime Auto offers to extend the long-term car rental agreement if necessary.

“"Prime Auto" offers long-term car rental in Riga and its surroundings. Our car catalog includes a variety of cars, including business class cars from Audi, BMW, Volvo and Škoda.

Choose the most suitable car for your needs by booking it online! We will deliver it to you at a convenient time and place. Contact us if you need help choosing a car. We have a long-term car rental with especially advantageous conditions.




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