How to rent

How to rent a car?

A rented car is not just a means of transportation, it is an opportunity to enjoy a kind of freedom and independence - and not only when traveling, but also in everyday life. Nowadays, the car rental process is as convenient and simple as possible, you just need to choose the most suitable car for you, indicate the desired reservation dates and place of receipt / transfer, as well as make a payment. This is a great way to get the vehicle you want, whenever you need it.

Remote car rental provides a number of different benefits, starting with an easy-to-understand car catalog, which allows you to make a car reservation with the help of your smart device or computer. In the catalog you can get acquainted with a detailed description of each car, technical parameters, which in turn makes it easier to make a choice. Also, the maximum simple ordering process (only 4 steps) without leaving home, and convenient payment, as well as professional customer support greatly improves the car rental experience.


Wherever you are, you can remotely select and book the rental car that best suits your requirements. Renting a car from Prime Auto is quick and easy. You will receive the car on the exact chosen day and time, moreover, in the most convenient place for you. You can receive and hand over the rented vehicle in Riga, Jurmala, as well as at the airport "Riga".


Choose the most suitable BMW, Audi or other little-used car from the Prime Auto rental fleet catalog. Our car rental includes a variety of car brands so that every driver can find the most suitable vehicle for their requirements, such as family needs, increased comfort (which is especially important if a long journey is planned) or business trips. You can also choose a minibus rental for various cargo transportation.


After you have specified the desired dates and car, you will need to fill in a simple order form. In this step you can specify the car use area, the desired additional services, the driver’s basic data, as well as get acquainted with additional information about the rental conditions. This step usually only takes a few minutes.


Pay the entire amount at once and receive a discount! Or choose to pay after receiving the car. Get the chosen rental car at the most convenient time and place - in Riga, around Riga or at RIX Airport

If you have any questions about the booking process, cars or other questions related to car rental, we will be happy to answer them, so please contact our company.
We wish you pleasant and safe trips with Prime Auto!



Car rental opens up more mobility opportunities!

In case your personal car goes out of order, you can rent a car and you will not have to give up your plans. As long as your personal vehicle is in service, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of a rented car. It will definitely be cheaper than, for example, use a taxi, and more convenient than traveling by public transport or on foot.

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