Minibus rental

Minibus rental for convenient cargo transportation

Cargo minibus rental is a popular service in Latvia, because with its help it is possible to perform various tasks for both business and private purposes. As it is very difficult in today’s world to do without transport services, especially in cases where it is necessary to move different types of goods, it is sometimes impossible to do without a service such as minibus rental.

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In which cases is it necessary to rent a cargo minibus?

Minibus rental is most often used in situations where a spacious and reliable vehicle is required for various cargo transportation. Minibus rental can help in cases where:

  • work in a small company and deliver orders to customers on your own – periodic minibus rental is a great option when you need to deliver a large number of orders, especially before the holidays. We also provide a good opportunity to rent cargo minibuses with the right of redemption if you want to expand your company’s fleet, but do not have the opportunity to buy a car right away.
  • you move to a new place of residence and need to move a relatively small number of items furniture, household appliances, but the car is not large enough to perform this task - one or two trips with a rented minibus will allow you to move things quickly, conveniently and economically to the new address;
  • make repairs to the apartment and it requires various construction materials, which is more advantageous to move from the store with the rented vehicle - you can immediately comfortably deliver the necessary materials to your home without waiting for delivery;
In cases when it is not possible to buy your own vehicle, renting a minibus is a rational and also practical solution that will provide you with the mobility you need. Even when you have to travel to other cities and regions and move cargo, do not do without the vehicle in question.



Why do people choose minibus rental?


People also choose to rent a minibus because it is possible to order it quickly for practically any required day and time, and it can be delivered to the place specified by the customer.

The fact that using rental services is very simple and fast - just a few clicks on the Internet and a minibus has already been ordered - encourages people to use this service more and more often. In addition, many rental providers offer cars in excellent technical condition and with insurance.



Reliable and spacious vehicle rental for your needs!

Prime Auto offers convenient, profitable and safe cargo minibus rental services so that cargo transportation is not a major concern. The minibuses offered by Prime Auto are allowed to be driven with a category B driver’s license, as the minibuses are up to 3 tons, so no other category of driver’s license is required.