Minibus rental for convenient cargo transportation

Minibus rental

Need to change residence, but do not have the opportunity to move things and furniture by hand? Or do you need to deliver orders or goods, but your company does not currently have vehicles available? Our company "PRIME AUTO RENT" can help you! We rent minibuses to both legal entities and individuals for any purpose - be it delivering different orders to customers or simply moving goods from one place to another.

PRIME AUTO minibus rental

From time to time, any person or company may suddenly need a larger vehicle, but buying it to use the vehicle only a few times does not pay off at all. That is why we are a company that offers spacious and economical minibus rental. We offer two Citroen Jumper minibuses with three seats and a spacious cargo compartment. These minibuses are perfect for transporting various cargoes, providing courier services and moving work. Also, taking into account the number of seats in the minibuses, it is possible to move the cargo you need together with two loaders.

Minibus rental is available in Riga, however, it is possible to go to any place in Latvia with the minibuses themselves. Minibus rental is a highly sought-after service, so our company ensures continuous availability of minibuses for its customers. In the section "AUTO CATALOG" we have indicated the exact dimensions of minibuses in order to provide customers with all the necessary information if it is necessary to enter narrow or difficult-to-drive entrances by minibus.